Deva De Silva Audio Production

Deva’s attention to detail and passion for achieving technical excellence in music led him into the field of recording and producing music. Beginning many years ago with recording his own music overseas, he went on to produce radio jingles for advertising companies. His penchant for audio production finally saw him acquire a Diploma followed by a degree in Audio Production at the School of Audio Engineering or SAE Perth, WA.  

Deva’s proficiency includes-  

- Managing all stages of the sound recording process from defining client goals from capture to mastering with optimal       productions. 
- Technical knowledge and experience in the use of a variety of digital mixing software/plugins.  
- Instrument and voice recording- acoustic guitars, drums and horns. 
- Live sound 

Deva worked with Mariah & Josh - an accomplished Jazz duo from Perth, to produce 2 EP's -  'Stride' an instrumental consisting of gospel covers and 'Paid in Full' comprising of original vocal music with accompaniments, ( 2019). His clientele include popular local Musicians from the Jazz and contemporary scene in Perth. 

Audio Production for - Possibility - Mariah Hlatywayo

Audio production for Perth Duo 'Mariah and Josh'

Audio production for this Video clip for international artist Constanza Herero